Stocks Trading API for Visual Basic and C#

This product is no longer supported.

Desiderata Stocks API

Desiderata Software's Stocks API is a .NET library for working with stocks. It can be called from Visual Basic and C#.

It supports

and various other common operations useful in stocks programming.

The supported data sources can be reviewed at the Data Sources Page.

Some of the supported data sources are also brokers, and for such cases the API supports placing orders automatically as well. But it is strongly recommended not to do that - at least until your program is known to work very well, and is very well tested. In general, it is recommended that the trading algorithm send out trading signals as an email (which can be a "text" message to a cell phone as well.)

Sample programs using Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) and C# are available on the samples page.

Documentation is included in the download, and may be viewed at

To download the library for evaluation, please proceed to the download page.