Stocks Trading API for Visual Basic and C#

Supported Data Sources

At present, the following data sources are supported:
  1. Yahoo Finance

    This comes in two varieties.

    • Real Time

      This requires a monthly subscription and allows you to retrieve data on the latest trades. To get this data via the Stocks API, you must subscribe to Yahoo's real-time service (Yahoo charges a small monthly fee for this.)

      To check the latest prices and/or to sign-up, please visit the Yahoo Finace Real Time Signup page.

    • Delayed

      This is made available free at present from Yahoo Finance. It provides the data with a delay, which can be up to 20 minutes or more. Any subscription purchase is not required.

  2. TD Ameritrade

    TD Ameritrade provides realtime streaming trading data for its clients. If you have a TD Ameritrade account, you can use it to retrieve data programmatically via the Stocks API. TD Ameritrade is a broker, therefore you can also place your trades with them using the Stocks API.

    To sign up with TD Ameritrade for an account, please visit the TD Ameritrade website.

  3. NxCore

    NxCore is a high-end realtime trading-data-source provided by NaNex. This is a relatively expensive but full-service source, and you can also purchase historical data from NaNex.

    To purchase or subscribe to trading data using NxCore, please visit the NaNex website.

  4. Juno Trade

    Juno Trade provides realtime trading data as well as trading services. A monthly subscription to Juno Trade API must be purchased and maintained.

    To open an account with Juno Trade and to subscribe to Juno Trade API, please visit the Juno Trade website and their API Subscription page.

In your programs, you can combine these sources if you need - for example, you might decide to collect data and test strategies using Yahoo "Delayed" service, but when you have enough background data collected, you might want to switch to one of the paid services, or to get a TD Ameritrade account.

Desiderata is working with other brokers/data-sources as well, but at present, you will need an account/subscription with at least one of the above in order to be able to get realtime quotes using the Stocks API.