Stocks Trading API for Visual Basic and C#


The following samples are available: You will need the appropriate subscription/registration as per the source/broker, details are available in the documentation in the main Stocks API download or at the Data Sources Page.

All the samples are placed as projects within a single solution file, and have been created using Visual Studio 2008. They reference the assembly "Desisoft.StocksAPI", installed by The Stocks API installer. In cases of a version mismatch you may need to update the reference (by removing and adding it.)

WARNING: The sample that places TD Ameritrade orders, will actually place actual, live orders! The parameters in the sample are chosen so that execution is unlikely, but still it should be tested only on weekends if testing that sample is desired. The evaluation version restricts the stocks symbols to 4 symbols (AAPL, GOOG, MSFT and X), but otherwise the software is the same as the regular (purchased) version.